Space Oddity

group exhibition

installation view

June 1 – 30, 2001

What was Space Oddity? An exhibition based on where we were at - the Year 2001; it investigated space, time, oddness, weirdness, strangeness; it played off the movie "2001: A Space Oddyssey" and David Bowie's "Space Oddity" song (where are you Major Tom?). Space Oddity was also an opportunity for us to present new work by several gallery artists and others. Finally, it was loose enough so that the participating artists and viewers, too, had some fun.

L to R - James Brinsfield, Marcie Miller Gross, Shaun Cassidy

L to R - Judith Sanazaro, Marcie Miller Gross, Lester Goldman

L to R - Eric Sall, James Woodfill, Marcie Miller Gross (in background)

L to R - Rachel Hayes, Karen Owsley Nease, Marcie Miller Gross, Nate Fors

L to R - John Torreano, Judith Sanazaro

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