James Woodfill - Harmony

solo exhibition

September 1 – October 15, 2002

We began our fifth year (2002) at JNG with James Woodfill's second solo exhibition. The exhibit, entitled "Harmony", included a kinetic, sound installation piece in the gallery's main space after which the exhibition was named, and a separate sound-card driven multiple-monitor piece entitled "vibrato circuit" in the gallery's back space.

One idea behind the work was the idea of reuse. Among other components, the show's two pieces included used guitar amplifiers and used computer monitors. Rather than nostalgia, these used devices were selected for their technical characteristics that newer components could not provide. For example, tube amplifiers produce a range and variety of tones that cannot be readily duplicated by replacement technologies. Woodfill also explained that for this show, and in fact, in his whole approach to sculpture, his pieces are not intended as stand-ins for other ideas, but rather are to be understood for the specific functions of their components. This does not mean that the components are necessarily used for their intended prupose. Instead, he considers them and either reduces their use to a simplest function; or, as someone who first encounters a technology with no idea of its purpose, he tries to determine how it is to be used and in so doing, "misuses" it.

James Woodfill Harmony installation view

James Woodfill "vibrato circuit" installation view

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