Sweep - contemporary painting survey

Gallery artists and invited artsts

February 10 – June 2, 2018

Opening of Sweep

Opening: Don Kottmann work at left, Leah Yellowbird behind

Opening: left: Jonathan Thunder being interviewed in front of his painting, right: Rachel B. Hayes

Opening, L to R: Leah Yellowbird, Heidi Pollard, Karen Owsley Nease

Opening, L to R: Kay Kurt, Peter Granados, Robert Bingaman, James Brinsfield

Opening, L to R: Karen Owsley Nease, Rabbett Strickland; distant Peter Granados, Robert Bingaman

Exhibition Statement for "Sweep" - a contemporary painting survey:

“Sweep” is a regional and national survey of more than 20 contemporary painters, presenting new or recent artwork by all of the painters currently represented by the Gallery, as well as an equal number of invited local painters.  Running the gamut from magical realism to hard-edged abstraction, the paintings displayed in “Sweep” address the subjects of beauty, ethnicity, justice, history, spiritualism, landscape, story-telling, and formalism.

During the earlier form of Joseph Nease Gallery, which operated in Kansas City from 1998 – 2003, abstract painting was the dominant art style both locally, and nationally, and was an emphasis of the gallery.   Historically, art has both responded to and predicted greater societal trends. Our current dynamic time is bringing renewed attention and experimentation with past and current “schools” of painting, including those outside of the European painting traditions.  At this time, no particular style rules and the syncretism of styles and cultures often produces fascinating new hybrids in both subject and technique.



This situation places us in an interesting and rewarding time to appreciate current painting practice and is the premise of Sweep.   We present the latest work of a group of experienced painters at a high point in their craft.  There is abstraction, minimalism, narrative, contemporary realism, social commentary, night landscapes, natural forces, diverse cultural symbolism, non-traditional materials, and more.     Sweep treats the viewer to a wide ranging, strong exhibition showing the validity of the many current approaches to painting.

The exhibition features work by these notable artists: Alison Aune, Kirsten Aune, Robert Bingaman, James Brinsfield, Marcus Cain, Peter Granados, Christopher Harrison, Rachel Hayes, Matthew Kluber, Don Kottmann, Kay Kurt, Adam McCauley, Karen Owsley Nease, Heidi Pollard, Warren Rosser, Eric Sall, Rabbett before Horses Strickland, Jonathan Thunder, Mimi Chen Ting, James Woodfill and Leah Yellowbird.

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