Stephen Fleming - ether / ore

solo exhibition

March 2 – 31, 2001

Stephen Fleming "ether/ore" installation view

Stephen Fleming ether/ore installation view

Stephen Fleming ether/ore installation view

In 2001, Stephen Fleming's new work differed from most art that was concurrently exhibited in Kansas City. In these clay sculptures, vestiges of his earlier figurative paintings may have existed, yet these sculptures were something different. Seemingly simple, sometimes imperfect, there are qualities in this work that compelled the viewer to keep looking and remembering. This work was based on an intensely personal exploration of what it means to be an artist and letting that vision be the guiding force in the work. The pieces were made by hand from a single lump of clay. Eschewing exotic materials and processes, they were created simply through shaping and burnishing. Through continuous refinements a satisfying form was produced. The results could be whimsical, uncomfortable, and always suggestive of something, which may be just out of reach of the conscious.

See the two links below.  The first is the preview of the exhibition in Review Magazine, and the second is the review of the exhibition in the Kansas City Star.


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