Matthew Kluber - Friday I'm in Love

June 21 – September 7, 2019

We are pleased to present Friday I’m in Love, a solo exhibition by Matthew Kluber.  Long-time gallery followers may recall Kluber’s No Place Like Utopia that was exhibited at the gallery’s inaugural show in 2017.  This time, we exhibit an entire body of work by Mr. Kluber including new and recent work and featuring three large-scale paintings with computer projections. Several new smaller scale paintings and works on paper are also on display.

Kluber has long been interested in the color field painters and the light and space artists from the 1960s and 1970s.  His paintings are carefully striped colored lines and bars on thin aluminum supports. Juxtaposition of colors and use of subtractive colors suggest movement and invite extended viewing.  In the studio, use of fluorescent colors, a faulty computer screen, moving reflections, and quick recognition led Kluber to his innovation of “painting with projections”.

About that work, he writes:

“Light + Paint:  This work investigates the intersection of painting and digital technology, locating itself at the point where the physical world (traditional media) meets the virtual world (new media). At this intersection the ephemeral, un-located space of digital video is attached, by means of projection, to the fixed object of a painting, illuminating it with a new color space, code-derived content, and the element of time to construct a hybrid pictorial space.”


For more information on Mr. Kluber, see his Artist page

We look forward to your visit to this exhbition.

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