Lester Goldman - Boxcar

solo exhibition

March 7 – 29, 2003

  Lester Goldman (1942 - 2005) had his second solo exhibition at JNG in KC in March, 2003, and featured the BOXCAR series of five newly completed paintings, plus several related watercolors, a large-scale sculpture and other works.

The BOXCAR series was a long-term project for the artist. It was intended to encompass painting and sculpture as well as envision a potential installation. BOXCAR could be taken directly as denoting a series as well as indicating the importance of the dependencies between each painting in the group. BOXCAR could also be taken to mean a mobile form contained or the boxcars of a train made transparent while the wheels (the four corners of the painting) activate the contents. Individual titles such as "Tropfchen an der Nase" (little drop on the end of the nose) and "Black Tears" made reference to ordinary everyday events and current global tensions.

Boxcar, installation view

Work (L to R) by James Brinsfield and James Woodfill exhibited in our back gallery space during Boxcar (both artists are also with the current gallery.

See link below for Kansas City Star exhibition review:

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