Karma - Abstraction in Kansas City

panel discussion with Dan Keegan, Director

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

July 16 – August 7, 1999

Karma was a 1999 group art exhibition curated at JNG to highlight the impressive quality of abstraction being created in Kansas City at that time. The show featured the work of seventeen local artists, from established veterans to fresh emerging artists (including five Charlotte Street Fund award winners as of that time). The artists in Karma:


 Stacy Speyer  Judith Sanazaro  Eric Sall
 Warren Rosser  Michael Rees  John Ochs
 Karen Owsley Nease  D. F. Miller  Christopher Leitch
 Ke-Sook Lee  Rachel Hayes  Lester Goldman
 Leah Getzoff  Steve Frink  Nate Fors
 Kyoung Ae Cho  James Brinsfield  


Above: Nate Fors (left), Steve Frink (right)

From the exhibition statement: The title "Karma" can be perceived in many ways and is intended to be open to interpretation. The exhibition is about ideas, content and the new.

Karma is a visual summation of what is happening at a peak moment in Kansas City's art history. This exhibition was intended to reflect the critical developments of abstraction manifested in Kansas City, while abstraction and non-objective art enjoys a resurgence nation wide. It is appropriate that Karma coincided with the national "Abstract Painting, Once Removed" exhibition at Kansas City's Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art.

With a goal of sparking an increased dialogue on abstract art in Kansas City, we included educational aids for those viewers new to contemporary art. An informational panel discussion also corresponded with the exhibition with a distinguished panel led by Dan Keegan, Director of the Kemper Museum at that time.

L to R - John Ochs, Christopher Leitch, Leah Getzoff, Michael Rees (on floor and in background)

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