Judi Ross - Presence / Present

solo installation

September 8 – October 21, 2000

We opened our third year at JNG in Kansas City in 2000 with an exhibition of sculpture, audio and video by Kansas City artist Judi Ross.

In this body of work, Ms. Ross continued her exploration of perceptions, the origins of perceptions, and their relationship to the world. Presence/Present investigated "peripatetic perceptions of time and space," with work that examined the possibilities of mapping or recording of phenomena, experience, and thought. Defining presence "as things that can be seen and things that cannot be seen but are known intuitively, consciously, sub-consciously" - then "the presences (today, tomorrow, antiquity) are the source of the present."

The exhibition included an installation based on an untitled poem by H. L. Hix, consisting of dozens of intense blue forms swaying on delicate stems emanating from lips that rise out of sifted earth.

The work was feminine and beautiful in contrast to the traditionally masculine industrial methods and materials used in its creation. Ms. Ross used techniques of wood and metal work, mold making, casting, and assembly with the recent additions of sound and video that were part of the exhibition.

Judi Ross, Presence / Present, installation view

 T.F.V.A.T. (Tool for viewing a turnip, detail)
steel, acrylic sheeting, turnip - part of Presence / Present

For some context, see the link below with Judi Ross as one of seven artists in the Awakenings exhibition at the Daum Museum in Sedalia, MO.

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