Jan Zelfer Redmond - Codeswitching

solo exhibition

February 12 – March 20, 1999

"Codeswitching", was an exhibition of new paintings and drawings by Jan Zelfer-Redmond at during the first year of JNG in Kansas City in 1999.

Letters, numbers, genetic sequencing, helical DNA spirals; all are used in this work. At our most intellectual level we are left with only symbols to communicate our advances in literature, science, math ...., or do the symbols enable us to conjure forth the physical? We have become modern day numerologists. Knowing which chromosome is responsible for what, enables us to create the perfect equation.

In her drawings, the surface is smoky and worked. Colors are subdued. Recalling vague memories, marks and symbols struggle to the surface, some deeply etched, others barely discernible penumbras.

Zelfer-Redmond's paintings showed the importance of process. "There is a physicality to paint that seems to be grounded in the earth. I let remnants of this physicality remain when it occurs and often intentionally include it because it serves as a sort of reference point I can use between the painting and myself". Experimentation with color is also important because, each color has its own properties and symbolism that must be explored.

Jan Zelfer-Redmond, Codeswitching, installation view

Jan Zelfer-Redmond, Codeswitching, installation view

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