James Brinsfield - Lovely Mover

solo exhibition

April 26 – June 8, 2002

In April 2002, we presented the third solo exhibition by Kansas City artist James Brinsfield entitled "Lovely Mover", all new work in an intriguing, installation format addressing everything from personal vision to contemporary design.

Lovely Mover, expanded the themes and materials Brinsfield had used for the preceding two years.  He described the work as focusing on "3D's; desire, design and display." "Desire is folded into a scenario of the new.  The paintings go outside the conventions of material and content one usually associates with painting.  They reference architecture and furniture, united by a design sensibility to hold the composition together." The third part of the 3D's was display.  Brinsfield reconfigured the main gallery into two rooms so that the viewer constantly saw different work as they moved about. "Lovely Mover is the viewer," he said.

James Brinsfield, Lovely Mover, installation view

James Brinsfield, Lovely Mover, installation view

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