January 25, 2020: Kathy McTavish Artist Talk

Kathy McTavish is a master composer.

In live performance, installation and online environments, she blends sound, text, data, moving images, and textiles. Her recent work includes what she calls “multichannel cross-sensory experiences.” The end result is a rich blend of generative art arranged in large part by the viewer. Bringing to mind the observer effect of physics, the act of observation changes the thing being observed. In this case, the art itself is literally shaped by the act of observation through chosen vantage point, code, machine wiring, and thread. Which is why she’s considered by many as one of the most progressive and tech-savvy artists today.

From the artist: “My exploration of cross-media forms has resulted in the production of print books and recorded work through transmedia landscapes which flow from the digital web into physical installation and performance spaces.”

With a wide background in mathematics, ecology, music theory and software development, she’s been able to channel the confluence of these areas into a spring of creativity. This bold vision of art has allowed her to mold dynamic systems capable of every surprise - emergent structures, chance, myth, improvisatory forms, polyphony, interactive webs, harmonic relationships and the orchestration of sound, light, color, and thread. Although its parameters are strictly defined by code, machine, and cloth, the output proves that literally anything is possible!

At this month’s artist talk, Kathy will be discussing the tapestry of mediums and concepts used to communicate her particular concerns and interests as an artist. Among other things: queer identity, ecological collapse, the creativity and inventiveness of the human mind, relationship between humans and technology, the future of the things we create (artificial intelligence). It’s bound to be an incredibly thought provoking conversation you’re not going to want to miss!

Join us for Kathy McTavish’s Artist Talk on January 25th, 2020 at 2 pm!

Image: Kathy McTavish: Count.Map.Pulse.Breathe, detail image of generative textile drawings, and Acer machine.

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