December 4, 2020: Jonathan Thunder in Museum Exhibition in Michigan

From the exhibition statement: Featuring nationally recognized and early career Native American artists, The Art of the People: Contemporary Anishinaabe Artists showcases artworks in a wide array of media that combine cultural traditions and imagery with contemporary sensibilities and themes. Organized in partnership with the Grand Valley State University Art Gallery (GVSU) and guest curator Jason Quigno, this invitational show will appear concurrently at the Muskegon Museum of Art and GVSU. Incorporating sculpture, painting, ceramics, beadwork, mixed media, and photography, the exhibition explores the ways in which these artists express their experiences in both traditional and non-traditional media, techniques, and subject matter. Through representational and abstract imagery and design the artists address issues of craft, history, identity, social and political justice, and popular culture.

Exhibiting artists include: Le’Ana Asher, Adam Avery, Shirley Brauker, Kelly Church, Wally Dion, Dino Downwind, Cherish Parrish, Jonathan Thunder, Robin Waynee, and Jason Wesaw.

At right is Jonathan's "Quarantine at Gramma’s House", acrylic on canvas, 42" x 13.5", 2020

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