James Brinsfield - Post-Abstraction

solo exhibition

with John Torreano and Rachel Hayes

April 14 – June 3, 2000

In this year 2000 show at JNG in Kansas City, Brinsfield developed a visual system to represent sound, using architectonic cellular structures that appear on grids composed of colored paper. Titles such as "Soundscape" and "Four Seconds Spinning" reflected his interest in audio technology and how sound "looks" as it is being recorded. Some pieces visualized historical recordings.

"Because the image of the music is of my own devising," Brinsfield said, "I'm inserting myself into its history. I become a participant in its creation."

Brinsfield used tape, paper and marker on canvas to make "paintings" that are "not about paint," but relayed visual information in a two-dimensional format.

Related to Brinsfield in their attention to surface and color and contrasted by age and experience, we also presented the work of established artist John Torreano, and newly-emerging artist Rachel Hayes. Hayes had previously studied with Brinsfield, and Brinsfield with Torreano.

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