Is / Was

5 yr anniversary gallery artist show

June 27 – August 2, 2003

James Woodfill - New signal Group (did/does), mixed media, 108" x 96" x 54", 2003

New Signal Group was unique in the IS/WAS exhibition as it was a single, kinetic piece depicting a continuity of ideas over the time period represented by the show. 

Nate Fors "was" piece:

Washington Cross Dressing the Delaware, paper, fabric, glue on canvas w/wood, felt string, enamel on inner tubes,
65" x 90" x 19", 1997.

Lester Goldman, Box Car, fiberglass, auto enamel, plexiglass, neoprene, (pre-installation view) 2003.

The intent of this exhibition was to have some summer fun.  Each artist was asked to contribute one recent work (Is) and one earlier work (Was).

In one publication, this was noted as the Best group show of that year - 2003.

Below is a pdf link of the announcement of Best Group Show

And also, pdf links to the two reviews of the exhibition

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