Kathy McTavish is a media composer, cellist and installation artist whose work blends data, text, code, sound and abstract, layered moving images. Her recent work has focused on creating generative methods for building networked, multichannel video and sound environments. She creates cross-sensory, polyphonic landscapes which flow from the digital web into physical spaces.


Her background in cello performance, mathematics, ecology, music theory and coding informs her work as a composer and multimedia artist. She is drawn to multi-threaded, dynamical systems and chance-infused, emergent patterns. She is interested in the infinite, fluid, cross-border between.




McTavish has created installations for both traditional gallery spaces and for non-traditional storefronts, abandoned buildings, root cellars, cathedrals, barns, warehouse elevators, alleyways and silos, and loves to work with physical structures ::: textures, pipes, beams, dusty windows. A critical part of her installation work is the resonance of a space and its ambient sounds and silences. She dwells in the creation and evolution of a work ::: in sounding a space, marking its walls, tuning the whole. She believes art has the potential to open subliminal, submerged aspects of ourselves ::: to foster reflection and transformation.

In late 2018, Kathy started working with her machines and a computer controlled, long-arm, quilting machine.  The result is new work that can be considered an archive or work product of her machines - generative textile drawings.

Additional information about her work and a complete resume are available on her website :::
Her exhibition "chance" at the Tweed Museum of Art ran through October 2018, more information here :::  chance at the Tweed Museum
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